Membership conditions

The association member is required to do the following:

1- He must have a preliminary university degree in media specializations. Some distinguished specialists in the field of media work, or those who have experience and practice in the field of media and communication technologies, may be exempt from this condition.

2- He must be of Iraqi nationality, fully qualified, and have completed eighteen years of age.

3- Not to be deprived of civil rights.

4- He must have a good reputation and conduct and not been convicted of a crime against honor.

5- That the association’s bylaws be accepted in writing.

6-The administrative body must agree to grant membership to him.

7- Membership in the association ends in one of the following cases:

A- The member’s resignation by written request and the administrative body’s approval of his request by a majority of its members.

B- Loss of one of the membership conditions by decision of the administrative body by a majority of its members.

T- Issuing a decision to dismiss the member from the association by a two-thirds majority of the members of the administrative body.

Enrollment form: here