The Insight Association for Media Research and Development is an academic institution with a focus and specialization in scientific research related to theoretical, methodological, and applied communication studies, public opinion research, and media development for those working in media. Established in 2006, it was registered as a scientific association in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on April 17, 2011, under the title (Insight Center for Media Research and Development), with its headquarters in Baghdad. The idea of establishing the association stemmed from the urgent need to explore, innovate, and advance in the field of media research and studies, to enrich the media library with theoretical, methodological, and applied research, and to utilize the results of these scientific studies by making them accessible to media and societal institutions, and to develop the skills of those working in the media field, contributing to the improvement of media work in both governmental and civil, media, and public institutions.

Vision: An international institution that contributes to building purposeful and influential media (in message, methodology, and industry).

Mission: An association that adopts scientific projects and programs in media development and digital education to elevate societal awareness within the strategy of purposeful media as a foundation for building civilized societies.

Goals and Methods:

The association aims to achieve the following:

  1. Attract researchers and specialists in the field of media and encourage them to research and investigate to build media work on scientific and professional foundations.
  2. Provide specialized scientific resources in media studies and make them accessible to specialists.
  3. Develop technical skills related to communication devices and informatics.
  4. Publish a refereed journal focused on communication sciences, and media and digital studies.

To achieve its goals, the association follows these methods:

  1. Organize meetings, seminars, and scientific conferences, actively participate in conferences within and outside Iraq, and exchange research, experiences, and experiments.
  2. Establish a modern scientific library, both printed and digital.
  3. Publish scientific publications specialized in general and digital media.
  4. Enhance media work and build bridges of cooperation and integration with media institutions, organizations, and associations at Arab and international levels.

Organizational Structure:

The association consists of:

  • The General Assembly, including all members affiliated with the association, consisting of academic and professional media personnel.
  • The Administrative Body, composed of (7) main members and two alternates, all of whom are university professors.
  • Six administrative units: Research and Studies Unit, Training and Development Unit, Public Opinion Poll Unit, Media and Public Relations Unit, Library and Internet Unit, Administration and Accounts Unit.